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As I translate all my interviews, here’s Belgium Alka Matewa‘s. Our belgian talent is about to travel to Holland to fight against Matthias Ibssa on the SLAMM VII: Holland vs Thailand card. This is a well-known event with a great concept, promising an amazing night, for those who would be interested in going. I’m disappointed I can’t make it.

Anyway, I could get an interview from one of the fighter of this big event in Alka The Spartan Matewa:

Hey Alka, thanks for taking this interview. Can you briefly introduce yourself ?

My name’s Alka Matewa, I’m 25 and I’m originally from Congo. It’s been almost 10 years that I practice martial arts. I first started training Taek Won DO for 2 years. Then, I was looking for a more complete sport, and I found Muay Thai. This martial art became a real passion. After a few months, my love for the sport pushed me to start competing. My record as for now is up to 49 fights, 43 W (23 via KO), 5 losses and one draw. I’m the 2010 belgian champ, 2011 benelux champ and 2011 european champ.

I had a lot of invitations in the MMA world and I recently wanted to take on a new challenge. As it isn’t very popular in Europe, I decided to join Canada in order to get an adapted training in the best gyms. I had the chance to train at the famous X-treme Couture in Toronto, as well as at Tristars Gym in Montreal, managed by Firas Zahabi. A lot of great fighters train there such as Georges St-Pierre, Roger Gracie, David Loiseau, Denis Kang, Marc Bocek, Marc Hominick, Francis Carmont, Moise Rimbo and many more. My MMA record is 4 fights, 2 W and 2 L. I had the good fortune to be the first belgian fighting on a Bellator card (Ed.: one of the 3 best organisation world-wide).

Great run ! I watched your latest short-movies and I could notice that you don’t appear as The Spartan anymore, but as ALKA 2.0. In the very last one, you even use ALKA 2.1. Can you explain us your choice ?

The Spartan is the nickname my entourage gave me, because of my motivation to fight, to train, and also because of my physical attributes looking like the Spartan warriors in the Movie 300.

Alka 2.0 appeared when, for one of my MMA fight, I managed to weigh in at 70kg (~155lbs) while people in Belgium didn’t believe I was capable of making it. I therefore decided to point it out by refering a project update.

Alka 2.1 is a brand-new version (laughs) following my contract withdraw with my so-called manager from BFN Group. I’m now trained by Basha Valon and I train better, harder. I have new openings with better prospects, both physically and mentally.

Your next fight will be on the SLAMM VII incredible card. How did you react when you were told you had the opportunity to fight there ?

It’s an unpredictable proposition. I fought a lot in my career, but I have never had, in Europe at least, the opportunity to fight for such an important and prestigious event. Honored by this, it’s also a chance for me to prove that I’m not afraid of big challenges, and that, as always, I will give my best !

That’s what w’all hope ! You know you’re fighting there on a very short notice of 3 weeks. How will you handle your preparation ?

I’m a professionnal so, for me, if it’s a 3 weeks notice or a 3 months notice, it doesn’t change anything. I have a healthy lifestyle and a daily alimentation, and regular physical training. I’m always in good shape. The only difference is I’ll be more focused on techniques, when I train.

So, You’re ready to face off Matthias Ibssa. Do you know him well ? What are your thoughts about him ?

I watched some of his fights. Matthias is a very good fighter, and I’m sure it will be a hell of a fight. I like challenges and I’m ready to take it !

Speaking of challenges, you fought at -72.5 kg, lately. You can weigh in at 76 for this one, which is I think closed to your natural weigh. Why did you make that choice ?

I, indeed, had my two last fights at -72.5. I had to cut weight with a hard and fast method, and I wasn’t at 100% for those fights. Fighting at my natural weight will allow me to be in the best shape !

This fight might be the last one of the season. What are your goals afterwards.

I think the next season will start with some amazing surprises. I’ll keep you informed once I have more information. Nevertheless, this season isn’t over yet, there’s one month left and great things might happen.

I’ll close the SLAMM VII questions and ask you some quick questions to know you better:

Favorite fighters:

MMA : Anderson Silva, Georges ST-Pierre,..

K-1 / Muay Thai : Buakaw, Masato, Yodsenklai, Andy souwer, Gokhan Saki…

Boxing : Floyd Mayweather

Favorite move :

Spinning backfist

Best memory :

When I was in Canada and I fought for Bellator. It was the first time I participated in such an event. The reception I had, the organisation’s professionnalism, everything was… Magic ! I won’t forget it !

Thanks for your time Alka. I’m done with questions, you can close the interview.

Thank you for this interview. I expect you to be many to support me. You can visit my website; or join me on social networks. Uuuuusssssss !!!!!

Thank y’all for reading. Let’s support him, he’s a real deal and he has a great future in the sport !

Alka Matewa & Chris

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  1. Great fight !

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